Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Identity

Yes, this is one of my abandoned blogs that I am attempting to resurrect from the dead. It used to be called Earl Pics, but after two entries that averaged out to be about an entry per year, I decided to give it a facelift.

This blog actually has a purpose. Well, I suppose my other blog, www.earlsbrain.blogspot.com has a purpose too, which is ranting, blabbing, and spilling verbal vomit all over your computer screen. This one here, though...it is intended to inspire. You see, I enjoy doing things. Things other than waking up, going to work, coming home, sitting in front of the TV, eating a frozen dinner, going to bed. There are certain days that this recipe is incredible, but as a whole I would prefer to stay busy.

I need something to motivate me to continue to keep doing. There are certainly deep meanings behind this line of thinking. Without digging too deep, the primary reason is because I want to experience as much as I can...live as much as I can. Life is way too short to not do.

I believe I've said it before--I'm not talking skinny-skiing or going to bullfights on acid. Just living well. Travel, cooking, the outdoors, friends & family, festivals, parties, hobbies--you know, the typical fare. But I also want to try new things. Recipes, gardening, beers, events, cities, campgrounds, lakes & rivers, bars. I believe "doing" requires trying new things.

This blog is not intended to boast, so don't look at it that way. It's more or less a digital journal to keep inspiring me (and maybe you) to experience cool things.

I have to thank my friends Jeffrey and Bryan, and my brother-in-law Pat for inspiring me to do. Jeffrey recently started a beautiful and bountiful garden...you can read about it at www.jeffreysgarden.blogspot.com. Bryan has built a fully rigged and functioning rehearsal studio (www.panamarehearsalstudios.com). Pat and I are geared alike and are constantly challenging each other to branch out, think outside the box, and live as much as we can. Thanks fellas.

So, hopefully I will follow through with this. Continuous updates, pictures, words, maybe a video here and there...all to keep me going.

Hope you enjoy it.


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